Mini militia 3.0.6 mega mod pack PRO apk

Hello, guys welcome to mini militia cheats , we are here with the newest version of mini militia 3.0.6 mega mod pro pack apk. This mod can give you unlimited power nitro and kill any one with one shot.

Mini Militia V3.0.6 Mega Mod APK Download

Added features in  Mini militia V3.0.6

  • Added Suspension, Crossfire, Cliffhanger maps to Quick Play as voting options.
  • Upgraded server security (using login will provide the most security, hack free experience, we can achieve atm.)
  • Much improved hack detections and blocking (if you see hackers/cheaters) a lot, make sure you are using a clean non-modified version. If found using modified version an account will not be allowed in secured areas. Play clean and legit then all we have to worry about is lag.

They have added a hack protection but don’t worry we have everything you need.


About Mini Militia Game

Most popular multiplayer game for android phone and mostly popular in India. The intense multiplayer combat experience with up to 6 players online or 12 using local wi-fi. Train with the Sarge and sharpen your skills offline training profile, Co-op and survival modes. Take a multitude of types of weapons, including sniper rifles and flamethrowers.
Features explosive online and local multiplayer war! Intuitive dual-stick shooter controls. Cards open world using rocket boots for extended vertical flight. zoom control, melee attacks and double the capacity to handle with modern and futuristic heavy weapons and grenades. Play battles based team in this lively fun drawing on the theme crossing between Soldier and Halo.


  1. One Shot Kill Bullets
  2. Pro pack unlocked
  3. Transparent Bush (You can see who is hiding behind bush and trees ) xD
  4. Unlimited nitro
  5. Other 3.0.6 features : 3 New maps ,You can see Health bar of other players..etc
  6. All store items unlocked
  7. One shot kills mod
  8. Unlimited Nitro
  9. Dual Gun Bug fixed
  10. Version 3.0.6


  • If you can’t Download in UC browser tries another browser, I recommend chrome or default phone browser.
  • Uninstall old MiniMilitia before installing this mod (MUST)

Download the Latest Mini Militia Mod

Pro pack + Unlimited Nitro + One shot death  mod+ store unlocked mod


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