5 Best Mini Militia Tips to Be a Pro

Mini Militia Tips and Cheats Blog , Here are the 5 Best Mini Militia Tips for playing the game like a professional.

Be a Star in Your Friends with these simple and effective tips for Mini Militia.

About Doodle Army 2 : Mini Militia

Its all about Winning . Mini Militia Supports up to 6 players online or using the local Wi-Fi, you can train with Sarge Improve your skills in offline setting. You can  train in various survival modes too.

5 Best Mini Militia Tips for Playing Mini Militia

1.Best Mini Militia Cheats for Playing the Game is to Use Melee Effectively

  Want to Last Longer ?  Make Effective Use of Melee.When you need an Extra lift Melee can give you all the Extra lift you want saving you from Suicide and Gives you the Extra boost for Jetpack.

2.Defend Your-Self From Enemies

In Second Mini Militia Cheats When the enemy strikes the best thing to save yourself is to Crouch or Squat.This gives you extra protection from your enemies,You can use the Grenade to save some time.

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More Mini Militia Tips

3.Make Use of Chat Codes

Communicate with your team-mates with these chat codes to plan a great strategy .

Here are some of the Chat codes

  • BI – Bring it
  • LG – Lets go,yea
  • RU – Ready up
  • GS – Get some
  • NN – No
  • HH –  A perfect fighting machine
  • CM – Cover me
  • CB –  Come on boy
  • MO –  Move out
  • WP – You wanna piece of me!
  • GG – Good Game
  • GM – Oh, They got me!
  • NS –  Nice shot.

4.Invest in Health Packs

The main aim of the Game is to Stay Alive, Invest in Health packs so that you can be alive all the time.With Health packs you can Get the Extra Advantage from the Opponent.

5.Invest in Regen

If you to Stay ahead of your Enemies you need to Invest your points in Regen this pack make sure that your Jetpack Refills at the Right time and Saves you the Extra effort to have a Stable Game.


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