Medical Treatment Visa

Our visa immigration agency provides the professional support for the medical treatment visa for the person with any treatment for disability or diformity. Our immigration and consultation agency will make your process clear for the medical treatment visa for the people who need emergency or desired medical treatment from the foreign country's medical system.

At present, medical travelers from more than 160 countries can apply for a Medical e-Visa. Travelers who use the Medical e-Visa program apply, pay a fee online, and receive their electronic visa online all before traveling to India. Unlike the Tourist and Business e-Visas, medical travelers can enter the country up to Triple Entry with the e-Visa. The process has really simplified things for medical travelers who are seeking vital treatment in India. The e-Visa is an official document permitting entry into and travel within India. Applicants will receive their medical visas via email after filling out the application form with the necessary information, and once the online payment is completed/verified. Thing to keep in mind before filling out the e-visa application is that the patient should keep all the required documents ready beforehand. A list of important documents for completing the visa application is mentioned next to each type. Further, documents like invitation letters, business cards, etc. must be in the English language, to avoid rejection of the application. The whole process can be rounded up in 10-15 minutes only if the above-mentioned points are kept in mind.

Piyush Chawala

I have completed my bachelor degree in hotel and food science and was very keen to persue the masters in the same field from Paris and my dream come true when I applied through their immigration agency.

Jonny singh

I am very thankfull to the entire team of the immigration agency that they made my journey to Canada with ease of steps and they handled my case with responsibility.

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